get your life back...

EZ-Bak® Solutions are designed for the average person & provide the tools to live a more productive, happy and active life.

I'm a doctor & I was suffering

I was treating back pain patients while suffering with back spasms.

I could not be consistent with my own treatments.

With 3 kids, a busy practice & family demands who has the time to schedule repetitive office visits? 

Not to mention the costs.

I had to find a way to treat my own back on a daily basis.

I needed something that was easy, so I could be consistent, which I know is the key to maximize relief.

My knowledge of the Science & Misery of back pain led me to invent Lo-Bak TRAX™.

Lo-Bak TRAX™ has improved my life so much that it's now my life's mission to bring easy back pain relief to everyone suffering like I used to. I found the solution to my problem & want to do the same for you.

That's why I founded EZ-Bak® Solutions.