Fantasies become Reality

when you control the story...

Memories are made...

Participation Required

No magic wands or reservations at a luxury spa

Just walk down your hallway & escape to your own bedroom oasis.

Pamper yourself with the luxuries of massage, chiropractic & yoga.

You know that with the proper tools & focus on self, pain relief is attainable.

Restore the happiness, activity & zest for life that chronic pain is sapping from you on a daily basis.

Your bedroom becomes your personal, destination spa with a Chiropractor, Massage Therapist & Yoga Instructor on call 24/7 just for you.

Relieve your pain, increase your mental clarity & for once, spoil yourself according to your schedule.

No Appointment Needed.

No Reservations Required.


You were made to move

Your Heart beats & propels life-sustaining blood  through your veins.

Your lungs expand & contract to keep you breathing.

Movement Is Life

As we age, movement declines and pain results.

Is this destiny?...Can you disrupt the process?

In 25 years of treating pain, I've seen seniors who were competition dancers and youths with extensive disability.

Age is not the determinant for either.

People who find a way to persevere, overcome adversity & keep moving forward simply refuse to stand idle and decline...they're rebellious.

Determination to keep moving is internal, disruptive & individual.

You Move You

EZ-Bak® Solutions offers Back Pain Relief Products to keep you moving 24/7.