Why Try EZ-Bak® Products?

Why Try EZ-Bak® Solutions?

EZ-Bak® Solutions was born from a problem that needed fixing.

Our founder, Dr. Berthiaume was born with a transitional vertebra in the lower back that was causing a pseudo-arthrosis with his Iliac bone.

A fancy way of saying that he was born with a messed up vertebra that caused pain.

This pain intensified as he aged.

Getting regular Chiropractic adjustments helped but he required them almost daily.

As a Chiropractor, life happens and even he couldn’t keep up with that type of schedule.

He had to come up with a solution for his back pain that could be done daily & at home.

He invented Lo-Bak TRAX and that has changed his life for the better. He uses it every night before bed.

He is a back pain sufferer & understands exactly what's needed to relieve it.

As a practicing Chiropractor for 25 years he also studies the anatomy & science behind back pain.

These 2 facts are the reasons why his products work.

The design is based on a keen understanding of the problem and the science needed to solve the problem.

Dr. Berthiaume’s invention worked so well that Lori Greiner from Shark Tank, took him to QVC to spread the word about Lo-Bak TRAX on a national level.

Lori taught Dr. B to design his products to be affordable so that they can help as many people as possible.

Dr. Berthiaume has taken her advice seriously.

He wants to help as many people as he can suffering like he used to.

He takes the time to design his products so that:

#1) They Work 

#2) They can be manufactured in the most cost conservative way.

At EZ-Bak® Solutions we are aware that not everyone responds to the same thing.

This is why Dr. B offers a generous 90 day, No Hassle Return Policy for all of his products because he really wants you to take the time to try them out and determine if they help?

When you choose an EZ-Bak® Solutions product, you can be assured that the design and function is based on sound scientific principals to address back pain and that our company stands behind all our products.

We got your back!!