EZ-Bak® Massager - Basic Set


You're working from home.

You're office set-up has you contorting in awkward postures.

At the end of the day, your neck and back ache!!

Imagine having access to a Massage Therapist 24/7?

In your own Bedroom...

No more appointments or disrobing in a strange office.

No need to beg your partner to help!?

No more having someone "push too hard" or not quite hit "the spot" that you need worked out the most.

EZ-Bak® Massager gives you MASSAGE INDEPENDENCE.

        You control the exact spot to massage.

        You control the exact amount of pressure to use.

You control exactly how long it lasts.


FINALLY...a massage that is all about you!!

Seriously....you are in control of exactly where to target from the head to the hips.

EZ-Bak® Massager can hit those areas unlike any other home massager.

It targets exactly where you want it, when you want it & with the perfect amount of pressure....because you're in control.

All... in the comfort of your own home!! In fact, we suggest you put it in your bedroom.

It Easily adjusts for different heights & is customizable for all members of your family.

Just:   1) STAND  

             2) LEAN  &  

             3) ROLL

Each Basic Set Purchase includes:

1 - EZ-Bak® Massager Base (Ships in 2 pieces)

1 - EZ-Bak® Massager Wall Attachment Plate

6 - EZ-Bak® Massager Roller Balls (2 each of 3 different sizes) 

1 - EZ-Bak® Massager Instruction Manual