About Us

Lo-Bak TRAX was invented and designed by Roland F. Berthiaume, DC.

Dr Berthiaume is a Chiropractor who suffered with chronic back pain due to a misshaped vertebra that he was born with. As he aged his back pain became more frequent and more intense.

Dr Berthiaume knows back pain from both sides of the desk. As a Dr, he knew he needed something he could do daily because his problem was not going away. As a chronic back pain sufferer he knew he needed something that was easy to use, something that was comfortable but it also had to be effective.

After multiple prototype designs, Lo-Bak TRAX was born.

Lo-Bak TRAX has totally changed Dr Berthiaume’s chronic back pain. No more painful mornings & half hour stretching routines. No more weekends on the couch in pain. Used daily it has transformed his life and minimized his pain to almost nothing. As a bonus, it is portable enough to travel in carry-on luggage and you can always bet DrB has a Lo-Bak TRAX packed in his bag when traveling.

Dr Berthiaume has been treating back pain since 1996. He has witnessed the suffering and the need for an all natural, home based treatment that his patients could use on a daily basis. After the dramatic change in his condition by using Lo-Bak TRAX he knew it was something that he had to make available to everyone suffering with chronic back pain.

It is now Dr Berthiaume’s life mission to bring Easy, Comfortable and Effective back pain relief to everyone suffering... like he used to.