About Us

Dr Berthiaume is a Chiropractor who suffered with chronic back pain due to a misshaped vertebra that he was born with. As he aged his back pain became more frequent and more intense.

Dr Berthiaume knows back pain from both sides of the desk. As a Dr, he knew he needed something he could do daily because his problem wasn't going away. As a chronic back pain sufferer he knew he needed something that was easy to use, comfortable & yet effective.

After multiple prototype designs, Lo-Bak TRAX was created & became his first invention to help back pain sufferers. Lo-Bak TRAX is a spinal decompression tool that addresses the joints of the spine.

His second invention is called EZ-Bak® Massager which addresses the muscles surrounding the spine. This product allows you to roll out the tension, trigger points & stress in your back muscles standing against a wall instead of getting down on the floor.

Again, a device that is Easy, Comfortable & Effective.

It is Dr Berthiaume’s life mission to bring affordable back pain relief to everyone who suffers like he used to. All devices are designed to be used at home because he understands that your back doesn't just hurt on the weekdays. 

All devices are realistically designed for everyday people to use, not just highly conditioned athletes.