Lo-Bak TRAX™ - Refurbished Units

$19.99 $39.99

These Lo-Bak TRAX units were demonstration models or Returns from QVC.

- All Units Have been Carefully Inspected and Certified by EZ-Bak® Solutions to be in excellent working condition. 

- All Units come with the Instructional and Bonus Stretch DVD's.

- There are No Returns of Refurbished Units.

- Some Units have minor cosmetic blemishes such as scratches.

- Some Units appear to be never opened and in brand new condition.

- FREE SHIPPING does not apply to Refurbished Units.

- No other discounts or special pricing applies to Refurbished Units.

- Inventory varies. If you want a particular color option, please purchase it when you see it.  As a color sells out, we will delete it's listing. We cannot guarantee that once a color sells out that it will ever be back in stock.


We at EZ-Bak® Solutions care about our customers and would never ship a device that was not of sufficient quality to be used for years to come. These Refurbished units are an economical option to experience the Easy, Comfortable and Effective Back Pain Relief that Lo-Bak TRAX can provide.